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RotaHub Features

RotaHub has designed its own Workforce Management system to automate all the data that you would normally include on your timesheets. We then collate all the information, enabling you to record it and produce management reports. Features include:

Clocking In and Clocking Out (including multiple Clock Ins for different jobs/sites) or QR codes

Digital Live Timesheet (Real Time - LIVE - 24/7/365)

Digital Leave Management (including FULL line-management automated authorisation)

Live In & Out Board and Live Leave Calendar

Expenses Management (including FULL line-management automated authorisation)

Access to important links, documents and communication channels

FULL White Label Branding

Any Data Capture or Data Sharing you want or need including: Audits, Customer Signatures, Multiple Line Management Authorisations, Employee On-Boarding

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Why RotaHub?

RotaHub Digital Timesheets service means that time-consuming management tasks such as remote holiday bookings, expenses, upgrades and changes can be carried out swiftly and efficiently. By automating these tasks, you can spend less time managing timesheets, saving an average of 45 minutes per month, per employee.

RotaHub facilitates and gathers all your Workforce Management information for you. We provide you with:

the tools to collate all the data you would normally enter onto a timesheet

the infrastructure to view and manage the information

the help and support to administer and process it

The RotaHub system has been designed by us and that means that we can tailor it to meet your specifications.

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